Self Help & Well being

On this page you will find a variety of resources to self manage your health and wellbeing.

Active 4 Health exercise referral programme

Exercise can help manage, improve or reduce the chance of developing many health conditions. Active 4 Health provides support for those living with a health condition, for which a formal health professional referral is required, or those who are in active.
If you are living with a health condition, one of our health professionals can refer to a 12 week referral programme.
Locally, Active 4 Health offer a range of classes at the Verwood Hub, including COPD, Otago, Chair fit and Health circuits. There are also a huge range of classes available at QE Leisure Centre, Wimborne, including Aquatherapy, Chair and balance, and COPD classes that are suitable for many different conditions.

COPD classes are led by a wonderful instructor who has specialised in pulmonary rehab and is fully qualified to work with patients who have Asthma, COPD, Emphysema or other respiratory disease that causes ventilatory limitation. Patients with respiratory conditions can gain huge benefits from regular exercise, and our COPD classes provide them with plenty of support so they can exercise in a safe and effective manner. 

Active 4 Health also offer a range of local community and greenspace based activities, such as Nordic walking, health walks, fresh air fitness classes, health cycle rides and an accessible cycling programme at Moors Valley.  They also signpost patients to partner sites if most appropriate for their needs, these include: Two Riversmeet Christchurch, BH Live Corfe Mullen, BH Live Littledown, Ferndown Leisure Centre.

a woman doing stretching exercises

More information on the Active 4 Health programme can be found on the Dorset Council website by following this link:>>

The cost of the Active 4 Health exercise referral programme and entry level activities vary between sites.  Contact us to arrange a discussion with one of our clinicians to determine if you are suitable for a referral.

Digital healthcare tools and technologies

Take a look at the Our Dorset library of digital health tools.

Our Dorset is made up of NHS organisations, councils, public services and voluntary and communtity partners working together. 

The Our Dorset Digital team develop and embed digital healthcare tools and technologies to enable the people of Dorset to confidently manage their health, mental health, wellbeing and long-term conditions.

For more information about Our Dorset Digital and their library of Health and Care apps, visit the Our Dorset Digital web page by following this link:>>

The Our Dorset digital health library also includes video guides.

The videos provide information on a wide range of topics, including long term conditions, healthy living, and giving guidance on what to expect from hospital procedures. Follow this link to view these:>>