PPG Led Surveys

Online GP Services Survey 2021

The Cranborne Practice is keen to promote the use of online GP services.  However, PPG members have agreed that while we want to encourage people who can go online to start using these services, the surgery will still need to provide a paper-based service for those who do not have access to the internet.  Or even if they do, some patients may not wish or feel confident enough to use online services.

Nevertheless, there are benefits both to patients and the Practice if patients use online services.  From end April through to end May 2021, PPG members carried out a survey  to learn patients' views about using their Online GP Services and to identify and better understand any potential barriers to accessing them.

A Draft Report and Appendix which summarises the results, insights and opportunities wash shared with Practice Management and PPG members and discussed at the 18th August PPG meeting.  Feedback and comments on these documents was noted and agreed objectives and actions have been added to the PPG Action Plan for ongoing progress monitoring.

A copy of the final report can be downloaded by following this link to the Online Services Survey 2021 Report>>

A copy of the summary of respondent comments can be downloaded by following this link to the Online Services Survey 2021 Appendix>>

Winter Flu Clinic Survey 2020

This year, due to restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic, The Cranborne Practice Flu Clinics were delivered as drive-through appointments at the Lake Road Surgery in Verwood.  Clinics were held throughout October, November and December.  Following positive comments on social media, the Practice and PPG decided to carry out a formal patient survey to obtain patient feedback on various aspects of the clinics.  The survey was carried out from mid-November until mid-December.  

The improvement opportunities noted above were discussed and members agreed that relevant objectives or tasks will be added to the PPG Action Plan.

A copy of the summary report can be downloaded by following this link to the Winter Flu Clinic Patient Survey Results 2020>>

PPG Awareness Survey 2019

During 2019, The Cranborne Practice Patient Participation Group (also known as a PPG) agreed there was a need to reinvigorate the Group and discussed how best to raise awareness of the PPG and how a wider audience might be engaged.  To this end, the Group agreed to carry out a patient awareness survey which was carried out between 20th November and 20th December 2019.  The survey sought to obtain patient feedback on their awareness of and willingness to participate in the Patient Participation Group for the Practice.

A copy of the summary report can be found by following this link to the PPG Awareness Survey 2019 Results>> 

The practice is taking on board the results and working with the PPG to engage with as wide a group of patients as possible.