The NHS Friends and Family Test

We want you to have the best possible care experience from The Cranborne Practice.  The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) gathers patient feedback so we may review our service continually.

The FFT allows our patients, carers, and loved ones to leave feedback on their care and treatment.  Patients are asked to consider: "Thinking about your most recent visit to our Practice, overall, how was your experience?"

Please tell us what you think about the care or treatment you have received from us using our Feedback Form:>>  Note this is for feedback only and not enquiries.

This form has been developed based on NHS national guidance on FFT feedback to help GP Practices improve patient experience.  Answers can be ranked from "very good" to "very poor", and there is an opportunity to explain the score given to us by adding comments.  This is important because we can only know what we do well and how we could do better if you let us know.  FFT feedback is regularly reviewed by the Practice team and discussed with our patient Participation Group members. 


Friends and Family Test Feedback Results

The Practice has received 8 FFT responses from September 2021 through the end of February 2022.  From these results, we have learned:

Patient comments on what we do well

  • "I was able to contact the Practice quickly and easily using the online forms on our website and get a prompt response from the Reception team."
  • "The HCA took my blood pressure and took time to book an appointment with the GP I wanted to see in order to discuss my latest results. She also explained how long it would be for the results of my blood test to come back to manage my expectations."
  • "Efficient and empathetic."
  • "Patient-centred"
  • "The car park looks amazing, and what a difference to the spaces - thank you."
  • "Caring and thorough."
  • "I was seen on time, was given enough time, by a smiling, helpful doctor, and I've a follow-up appt for 3 weeks later, at CRANBORNE, which is my usual practice. Feel lucky to have such a good doctor/practice."

Nevertheless, there were two adverse responses that we are addressing:

One patient was unhappy about being asked to use digital tools to contact us, letting us know that she was expressing her preferred method of contact by phoning.  Another respondent was found having to scroll back to find a date of birth on some of our eForms is time consuming, annoying and this meant that they wouldn't use them.

What we're doing:

We offer multiple channels through which patients can contact us depending on their preference.  Digital contact options include using GP Online Services through SystmOnline, eConsult, a wide range of online eForms, Facebook Messenger and email.  We are in the process of updating all our online forms to enable patients to enter their date of birth as a free text field, avoiding the need to scroll back to find their birth year.


And, of course, patients can speak with a receptionist in surgery or on the phone.  However, we know our phone lines are often busy, and some patients may at times find themselves in a call queue.  Therefore, we ask patients to consider digital options to avoid a frustrating wait.  Reducing the number of phone calls also helps us focus on our most vulnerable patients who rely solely on the telephone to contact us.

We will continue gathering patient feedback – what you like and what you think we could improve - and periodically report results on this web page.

Ultimately, you're helping us make changes to ensure we can offer the best possible care.

Thank you.